SeekingArrangement vs OnlyFans

Seeking ArrangementSeekingArrangement and OnlyFans are two completely different sites that are in use for totally unrelated purposes. Seeking Arrangement is used as a way to connect with someone in a multitude of ways. You can have online chats, video calls, a mentorship type of relationship, a sexual relationship, etc. However, generally, Seeking Arrangement is used as a way to have a relationship on your own terms. It is more personalized and generally more one on one than OnlyFans. It is also free to have a Seeking Arrangement page.
OnlyFans is more of a pornographic and adult content type of platform. It is a subscription type site that allows the members to make money from whatever it is they choose to upload (mainly porn). Fans are able to access this content for either a one-time fee or a monthly payment. OnlyFans is a way to make sure that people are getting paid for their work, unlike Pornhub and other major pornographic sites.
Seeking Arrangement and OnlyFans have their own fanbase, as well as, their own selling points. They are not in competition with one another. Seeking Arrangement is a sugar baby/ sugar daddy webpage, whereas OnlyFans is an adult-only content webpage.
However, over the past couple of years, Seeking Arrangement has become more and more online and sex-based. It is beginning to lose and has lost a big portion of the relationship aspect. Couples used to meet in the past and get happily married… it didn’t even seem that uncommon. In contrast, today, there are a lot of fake profiles and adults under the age of twenty-five who are just trying to chat with someone to make money. Some of these young adults truly believe that they are entitled to the money, so they will show the nipple or do something “dirty” just to get something out of someone. It appears to be becoming more like OnlyFans.
This has upset quite a number of people because that is not Seeking Arrangement intention. Seeking Arrangement seeks to make connections beyond just a sexual or visual or online realm. It is more like or Bumble, but with the sugar baby aspect, although some of those turn into sugar baby relationships as well. Seeking Arrangement still has some people online who are trying very hard to make their connections work, but they are getting fed up and tired of being treated like an object, instead of a human. Seeking Arrangement is made for one purpose and OnlyFans for another, so it is upsetting to a lot of users that there is mayhem going on between what each one should be and is used for.
Seeking Arrangement is not the new OnlyFans but if it keeps going into the spiral of online nudity and virtual meet-ups it sure could be. Seeking Arrangement is more than OnlyFans, and looks to connect people deeper than just the surface level. Hopefully, people come back to depth and start using it once again for the reasons it was made.

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