How to break up with a sugar baby who is obsessed with you?


Mutually beneficial relationships are not as easy as you think they are. At times, sugar babies tend to become over obsessed with you and want you to accept them as an integral part of their lives. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter what the reason is, sometimes it becomes essential to cut ties with your current sugar baby and seek a new relationship.

So, how do you do that with the least amount of drama and conflict? The following points shall help you execute a smooth break up with a sugar baby who is obsessed with you.

  • Be firm: Once you decide to break up with someone, just do it! Do not get moved from your determination because she promises to be a better girl or please you. The best way to break up is to do it quickly and without any drama. While it may involve some screaming, you will be saved from the mental agony.
  • Show empathy: Being firm doesn’t mean that you should be stone – hearted. Leaving her with a broken self – esteem will make it difficult for the next person to deal with her and establish trust. Make sure you don’t leave her with a massive emotional bag to deal with. Make her believe that being without her is for her own benefit and not yours.
  • Avoid having ‘breakup sex’: It doesn’t matter how much you want her physically, just don’t do it. According to a sugar baby, sleeping with her would mean that you want to continue the relationship. She might also be under the impression that you are in a messed up state of mind and need to be reminded of the intimacy they once shared.
  • Cut of all ties: There is no point of being in touch with a sugar baby post breaking up with her. While, being friends with her sounds perfectly acceptable, in most cases it is difficult to achieve. So, go ahead and block her on Facebook, filter her emails, add her to the reject list on your phone.
  • Breakup by email: While this might seem to be the most heartless thing to do, her obsession has forced you to do it. It is certainly the safest and most hassle free manner of breaking up with her. If you can start a relationship online, you can definitely end it in a similar way.

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