SeekingArrangement vs OnlyFans

Seeking ArrangementSeekingArrangement and OnlyFans are two completely different sites that are in use for totally unrelated purposes. Seeking Arrangement is used as a way to connect with someone in a multitude of ways. You can have online chats, video calls, a mentorship type of relationship, a sexual relationship, etc. However, generally, Seeking Arrangement is used as a way to have a relationship on your own terms. It is more personalized and generally more one on one than OnlyFans. It is also free to have a Seeking Arrangement page.
OnlyFans is more of a pornographic and adult content type of platform. It is a subscription type site that allows the members to make money from whatever it is they choose to upload (mainly porn). Fans are able to access this content for either a one-time fee or a monthly payment. OnlyFans is a way to make sure that people are getting paid for their work, unlike Pornhub and other major pornographic sites.
Seeking Arrangement and OnlyFans have their own fanbase, as well as, their own selling points. They are not in competition with one another. Seeking Arrangement is a sugar baby/ sugar daddy webpage, whereas OnlyFans is an adult-only content webpage.
However, over the past couple of years, Seeking Arrangement has become more and more online and sex-based. It is beginning to lose and has lost a big portion of the relationship aspect. Couples used to meet in the past and get happily married… it didn’t even seem that uncommon. In contrast, today, there are a lot of fake profiles and adults under the age of twenty-five who are just trying to chat with someone to make money. Some of these young adults truly believe that they are entitled to the money, so they will show the nipple or do something “dirty” just to get something out of someone. It appears to be becoming more like OnlyFans.
This has upset quite a number of people because that is not Seeking Arrangement intention. Seeking Arrangement seeks to make connections beyond just a sexual or visual or online realm. It is more like or Bumble, but with the sugar baby aspect, although some of those turn into sugar baby relationships as well. Seeking Arrangement still has some people online who are trying very hard to make their connections work, but they are getting fed up and tired of being treated like an object, instead of a human. Seeking Arrangement is made for one purpose and OnlyFans for another, so it is upsetting to a lot of users that there is mayhem going on between what each one should be and is used for.
Seeking Arrangement is not the new OnlyFans but if it keeps going into the spiral of online nudity and virtual meet-ups it sure could be. Seeking Arrangement is more than OnlyFans, and looks to connect people deeper than just the surface level. Hopefully, people come back to depth and start using it once again for the reasons it was made.

Are sugar daddy sites illegal?

sugar daddy dating

sugar daddy dating

If you’re looking to explore the online sugar daddy dating segment but aren’t sure of whether or not it is a legal affair, this article strives to clear the air and give a better idea of what this has in store for you. For the uninitiated, sugar daddy – sugar baby dating is a relationship based on the grounds of mutual benefits. In order to facilitate interactions between sugar daddies and sugar babies from across the globe, various networking sites have been set up that aim to bridge the gap between wealthy men and attractive women.

This means a wealthy man and a beautiful woman choose to get into a relationship on the basis of mutual benefits, wherein the man offers financial assistance in exchange for companionship.

Sugar daddy dating sites are all permitted by application stores…

Had sugar daddy sites or apps been illegal, they wouldn’t be permitted on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Given the fact that specialist sugar daddy – sugar baby dating apps like SeekingArrangement and SugarDaddyMeet have made their way on to multiple app stores, it is quite evident that sugar daddy dating isn’t illegal. Furthermore, the idea of sugar daddy dating hasn’t been marked illegal by any government across the globe.

Sugar daddy dating isn’t prostitution

A lot of people are under the impression that sugar daddy dating is just another word for prostitution, which isn’t the case. While prostitution refers to sex in exchange for money, sugar daddy dating is a larger package, where sex is just a part of it. A sugar daddy takes care of the woman’s financial requirements such as tuition, accommodation and food, among others. In exchange for all this, he expects her companionship. In addition to this, he also takes her on brief vacations as well as various social events.

Which site should you join?

With the onslaught of dating sites dedicated to sugar daddies and sugar babies, it has become increasingly difficult for people to find the ideal website. This is why you need to do adequate research while deciding which site to join. In order to make the process of connecting with the right kind of people and date them, specialist review sites have come into inception. These sites are known to compare multiple websites based on the same set of parameters thereby enabling users to choose a website that caters to all their unique needs.

Now that it is clear that sugar daddy sites aren’t illegal, you may join the one you like without any hesitation. All you need to consider is how likely are you to find a match online and whether or not the site is authentic and wouldn’t cheat you off your money.

Sugar Daddy Dating Tips

sdrCraving for sugar is certain to stay till the time women are on earth which basically means forever! The benefits of sugar are boundless. Therefore it is necessary that not only you select the sugar daddy carefully but also proceed in your relation with activeness and caution. Sugar daddies can be called as YOLD men which basically is a combination of Young at heart and old in age! Here are few sugar daddy dating tips which will help you in biting extra pinch of sweetness.

  1. Handle with care: this is a secret to know but sugar daddies are very sweet and innocent at heart. You can win their hearts by your little gestures and surprises. They will never say what they expect but if you will make anything personalised for them such as a relationship card then they will be carried away in your love! Remember they have everything in the world except for innocent love like you! While cougar dating can be a little hard as women are quite stern, dating sugar daddies is quite exciting.
  2. Don’t treat like an elder: They don’t like being treated as an elder so never pass on the vibes which make him feel the age difference. He is still young at heart and that is what you need to show him. Never talk about health or body issues with him. Be sophisticated, pleasant and devilishly funny with them and you will see how the graph of his attraction will incline towards you.
  3. Catch the weakness: Here is a little homework for you! The cash rich older men seek out for time-rich and young women only because there is something which is missing in his life. Generally that is excitement, activeness, love making, night-outs, roaming and numerous reasons. You need to catch that soft nerve of him! He may be fond of various cuisines or adventurous or anything; you just need to understand and bingo!
  4. Be understanding: This stands true in any relationship but here it is of very significant. In other relations you may be kiddish at times but sugar daddies feel hurt if they feel they are misunderstood! They won’t fight with you but deep in their heart they will feel guilty of making you feel bad. So try to keep your drama at minimum and show him your maturity and confidence! They are going to love it!
  5. Patience always pays: This is very much to be kept in mind while dating sugar daddies. There is no doubt that sugar daddies can get you an unmatchable lifestyle and what not but it is expected on your part to be a little patient. The pace of the relation will fill you with etiquette and an overwhelming feeling that will turn your relation into meaningful mentorship.

The ground rule of this relation is that if you will give what they want then you will get what you want! So start exploring and show him the beautiful and caring side of you. With these tips he will fall for you much quickly than ever you thought of!

How You Can Attract a Generous Sugar Daddy for Yourself

sugar daddy

If you are a sugar baby that is struggling to catch a generous sugar daddy, and you are sick of looking through wanted ads on sugar daddy websites, then this article will get you back on the right track.

Many sugar babies are still struggling under the assumption that they won’t be good enough, fit enough or pretty enough to find themselves a sugar daddy. This is not only wrong. It is actually ridiculous! Sugar daddies love their sugar babies in all different sizes, ages and types. If you are struggling to hook up with a sugar daddy, then you may need to work on your persona. Here are some simple tips that will get you back on track!

Make Sure You Are a Giving Person

Everyone loves someone that is willing to give to others. They enjoy being around someone that is generous and this doesn’t necessarily mean money or gifts. Show your sugar daddy that you enjoy being with them and spending time with them that you want to be around. True sugar daddies will see through someone that is only after their money.

Show Your Appreciation

When you receive something to make sure you let them know how much you appreciate it and how thankful you are. Gratitude is an inexpensive way for you to show your sugar daddy how much you appreciate him and everything he does for you.

Show Them How Passionate You Are

You don’t have to turn into some sort of lunatic, but a little bit of passion will go a long way! Smile, engage them and laugh when the situation warrants it. Let yourself relax and become excited about things, show them you enjoy their company and the things you do together.

Happiness Is Contagious

Happiness won’t cost you a cent, and it is very contagious! If you’re happy, then he’s happy, and if he is happy then everyone wins! Be happy and appreciative of the things that you do and are given and it will go on a long time.

Expand Your Life Use Your Time Wisely

As a new sugar baby, you may just find yourself with a lot more time on your hands. Use this time to better yourself, start a new hobby, workout and keep fit. No one wants someone that just sits around doing nothing all day, and you will find your level of happiness goes through the roof.

Who Can Be a Sugar Baby?

who can be a sugar baby

While this advice can be applied to either gender, for the sake of simplicity, this article is geared towards the relationship between a female Sugar Baby and a prospective Sugar Daddy. The same information should be applicable to male Sugar Babies in search of a Momma.

Considering whether or not the Sugar Life is right for you can be a daunting task. What if can you expect going into it? Are you a right fit for this kind of lifestyle? What do potential Sugar Daddies look for in a companion? These are all questions worth answering before jumping into the Sugar Bowl. Here are some general guidelines to assess your fit in this new world of dating:

Most Sugar Babies tend to be college-aged, but there’s no rule as to what age is considered “too old.” By definition, a Sugar Baby is younger than her Daddy; that’s pretty much it.
More important than your actual age would be the youthful vibe you give off. A Daddy’s search for a companion may come from a desire to feel young again. Being around your aura of innocence and positivity will help bring his youth back.

As with any dating, there’s room for every body. Size shouldn’t be an issue when considering your eligibility for the Sugar Life; a Daddy only looking for specific body types could be a disaster waiting to happen, anyway. You’re beautiful, and you’ll always be able to find someone else who sees that. Focus on the chemistry you feel between you and your partner rather than his superficialities.

Skin color may make or break the relationship with some Sugar Daddies, but here’s a news-flash: if they’re sensitive about what skin tone you have, they aren’t worth your time, anyway. The kind of service you’re providing a Sugar Daddy transcends physical features. It should be based on mutual respect and interest in one another.

Relationship Types
Receiving compensation for your company may make you feel like you’re not actually dating your Sugar Daddy. On the flip-side, you may be under the impression that you owe your Daddy more than just your company because of what he provides you. The truth is, the most important part of your relationship is that it’s stress-free. If either of you try to complicate things or rush into anything, it’s still going to hurt just as much as a non-Sugar relationship.

Remember, prostitutes are paid for sex. You are not a prostitute.

You’re getting paid for your personality, your compassion, and your companionship. You don’t have to decide if you love your Sugar Daddy any more than you owe that kind of decision to someone you casually date. The most important thing is that you and your Sugar Daddy are on the same page. Communication is key to maintaining your lifestyle and his own.

Social Stigma
Negative connotations have been attached to the Sugar lifestyle in the past. However, you’ve got to be progressive in even a small way to consider this kind of relationship. The Sugar Bowl is much deeper than people tend to think it is. The only thing that should matter is whether or not you are okay with being a Sugar Baby. If you aren’t fully invested in what you’re doing, your partner will be able to tell. If your friends and family don’t understand, then talk to them. Make them understand. This isn’t the 19th-century anymore; your relationship choices are nothing more than that; they’re your own. Never let anyone stand between you and what makes you happy.

How to break up with a sugar baby who is obsessed with you?


Mutually beneficial relationships are not as easy as you think they are. At times, sugar babies tend to become over obsessed with you and want you to accept them as an integral part of their lives. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter what the reason is, sometimes it becomes essential to cut ties with your current sugar baby and seek a new relationship.

So, how do you do that with the least amount of drama and conflict? The following points shall help you execute a smooth break up with a sugar baby who is obsessed with you.

  • Be firm: Once you decide to break up with someone, just do it! Do not get moved from your determination because she promises to be a better girl or please you. The best way to break up is to do it quickly and without any drama. While it may involve some screaming, you will be saved from the mental agony.
  • Show empathy: Being firm doesn’t mean that you should be stone – hearted. Leaving her with a broken self – esteem will make it difficult for the next person to deal with her and establish trust. Make sure you don’t leave her with a massive emotional bag to deal with. Make her believe that being without her is for her own benefit and not yours.
  • Avoid having ‘breakup sex’: It doesn’t matter how much you want her physically, just don’t do it. According to a sugar baby, sleeping with her would mean that you want to continue the relationship. She might also be under the impression that you are in a messed up state of mind and need to be reminded of the intimacy they once shared.
  • Cut of all ties: There is no point of being in touch with a sugar baby post breaking up with her. While, being friends with her sounds perfectly acceptable, in most cases it is difficult to achieve. So, go ahead and block her on Facebook, filter her emails, add her to the reject list on your phone.
  • Breakup by email: While this might seem to be the most heartless thing to do, her obsession has forced you to do it. It is certainly the safest and most hassle free manner of breaking up with her. If you can start a relationship online, you can definitely end it in a similar way.

How to Make Your Sugar Daddy Fall in Love with You


He is fun, he is rich, he is successful and he does not think twice before spending on you. No, you got it wrong, this is not any dream this is what a sugar daddy is. It is a dream-come-true for a girl to be able to get involved with a sugar daddy. Although there is a considerable age gap between the two of them, but the fun, happiness and enjoyment that a sugar daddy and younger woman relationship offers is beyond anything.

However, things might not be as merrier as you thought. While you might develop some feelings for your sugar daddy, he might just be in for fun. And, in the absence of love feelings, you might at times feel insecure and ignored. But, do not panic, as making your sugar daddy fall for you is not so tough after all. Simply follow these few quick tips and watch him drooling over you:

  • Fake it to make it: If you want to make your sugar daddy fall in love with you, make sure you yourself fall for him or perhaps act like so. Only when he feels the affection and love coming from you, he would reciprocate so in the same manner.
  • Put your best face forward: Any man would drool over a woman who knows how to dress well. Use this art to make him fall for your femininity and charisma.
  • Be yourself: Nothing would turn off your sugar daddy more than the fact that you are insecure or confused or shaky. Only when you exude confidence in being who you are, would you appear all the more likable to your sugar daddy.
  • Make him want you: Don’t ever act like a drag and keep asking for his attention. The more you would act like a queen, the more he would treat you like one. Play the chase game and watch him fall for you.

With these few easy tips, you are sure to leave your sugar daddy asking for more each time. When he has so much to look up to, he won’t resist the feeling of falling head over heels over you. But, to make him stick to these feelings, you need to act smartly, rather than an insecure, attention seeking girl. Go ahead and use these tips to get the man of your dreams captivated for long.