What is a sugar daddy website?

Sugar daddy website is a sort of rich men dating sites that connect rich men with quality women for dating and relationships. Unlike tradition rich men dating sites, sugar daddy website promotes mutually beneficial relationships with no strings attached. So, rich men can have fun with women without being asked for commitment. Be it money for sex exchange or anything else, both rich men and beautiful women get what they want. They call it an arrangement. The men are called sugar daddies and the women sugar babies.

Typical sugar daddy

A sugar daddy refers to a man who is willing to finance a woman for companionship or sex. The sugar daddy is not necessarily rich but must be financially stable. A typical sugar daddy is usually in one’s 40s and 50s or older. There are more married sugar daddies than single ones.

Typical sugar baby

A sugar baby refers to a woman who needs money or wants to live a luxury lifestyle and enjoy the finer things in life. A typical sugar baby is beautiful and young. There are many college girls looking to find a sugar daddy to finance their educational fees and expends.

How to find the best sugar daddy website

You can read our reviews or you can do some researches by yourself. Here are some methods for evaluating a sugar daddy website:

  • Google “sugar daddy websites” and find the top 3 sites.
  • Google reviews of the 3 sites to see how these sites work.
  • Go to app store and see other daters’ experience or testimonials with their apps.
  • Visit the sites’ success stories page and see how many people are satisfied.
  • Create an incomplete account to take a look before you finish a dating profile, upload your photos and buy a premium membership.

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